Bless My Plan VS. Follow Me

Hello on Saturday! I’m sorry that this was not posted yesterday but the internet was not responsive.  My week has been crazy sick kids, toddler madness, personal problems, and starting a ministry.  But we lived through it and all is settled and happy now.  Praise be to God who will never leave you or forsake you. 

Today I wanna talk about something that is really on my heart.  I spend my week thinking about what I want to say but I think God wants to say this to me, to you, and the world.  There’s a saying that goes “All we can do now is pray”.  It sounds nice on a movie when things can not be changed by human hands and supernatural is needed.  But should we really let the example of Hollywood be our example? Well NO it shouldn’t be our example we need the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth).  So what does the Bible say when we have problems and decisions to make that are hard?  Hopefully all Christians know they should pray.  First thing pray.  Always.  Paul said to never to cease praying.  He also said that we should pray all kinds of prayers, requests, petitions, and praises.  Praying is the most powerful thing you can do to change your situation, attitude, problem, and yet most Christians neglect this tool and promise that God will hear your prayers and answer them.

Now, about the title Bless My Plan VS. Follow Me-  What did Jesus ask his disciples he asked them, “Follow me”.  He did not say “Where do you want to go?”  I don’t want to ask Jesus to bless my plan I want to do his plan.  He is the creator of me of you and the trees in my yard, my kids, my parents, in-laws, and I have confidence that he knows more than I do about the many paths I can take.  He sees the end, middle, and the past.  So why do we have such a hard time following him?  Well in my humble opinion we are proud we think we can choose can vegetables as good as he can.  But he knows where that food came from we don’t.  We think that we can raise our kids as good as he can, but he knows the future and their gifts before we do.  Think about it- You just had this baby come out of you the only thing you know is your now the parent and this is your child.  But God he knew before he set the world into motion that this child will be born and what he is going to die of.  So why do we want God to bless our plans?  Our plans are lowly and our plans can be carnal and our plans our ours.  Not his.  

So how do we break this struggle of power over our lives?  We need to let God in and not exclude him from our mundane decisions.  Ask him where you should eat tonight.  Ask him if this next phone call is necessary.  Ask him if your child needs spanked or loved or is there something your missing?  When we are weak, we are strong.  It is a commitment I’m not going to sugar coat it or lie.  When I said God is also talking to me he is because I struggle with this.  But there is hope.

My testimony on following Christ instead of asking him to bless my plans, I had a tendency to buy and not put away and about six months ago my house literally was a mess. I never understood it I cleaned and it was cluttered but it drove me mad until my sister decided to come over and help me.  Well that ended badly.  So, I finally went to our precious Lord and said, “Where do I put these crayons?”  “Where in this house should this go?” “Should I give this away?”  “How would you organize these toys?”  I felt so silly cause it would make sense that I should be able to do this but I couldn’t.  Literally anything I started in my house never stuck.  It got messed back up and would be messed up for days.  But when I made Jesus Lord over my organization my problems are fewer.  Don’t get me wrong, Angels are not cleaning my house while I’m sleeping but everything has stayed in place.  Why did this work and my will power didn’t?  Simple because when we are weak we are strong.  When I CHOOSE to stop doing it my way and asking Him how to do it the puzzle got finished.  I was no longer proud, but I could have good pride in my house that is now divinely organized.  The miracle is now it has stayed this way.  When I did my plans I worked for a week straight and in a month all the clutter reared its ugly face again.  But now its been kept back.  This also goes into my spending “Lord should I buy this? Does it really do what it says it does? Will this bring me and mine joy?”

These are simple concepts but they are hard to practice but I challenge you to ask Jesus to remind you to ask his opinion.  If your faithful he will be faithful to you.  I hope you see radical changes in your life this week.  God Bless.



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