The Purge

There is something that we should all be careful of that surpasses age, sex, creed, race, any and all differences that make you; and it is the media we surround ourselves with.  I’m not here to say that anything not Christian is inherently bad, but that you be discerning in what your air is filled with.  I have 2 children and for the last 5 years I was selfish and I listened to what I wanted, my oldest is very pessimistic.  Now, he could be ‘wired’ that way and I believe that is some of it; but I don’t think that I’m completely blameless because I know what I was listening to and I’ve come to understand that it does wage war on your heart, soul, and mind.   The world wants our minds and if we put our minds in the pits expect pit thoughts to come out of that.

I’m not only talking about music but all forms of media you should really be cautious of because most of it lies and we have been conditioned to be numb to it instead of angry.  We have this idea that because it’s funny that makes it alright which is completely contradictory to the Bible.  The Bible says that we should guard our hearts; it is our job to do so not His.  That is why the free will He gave us is so awesome; we are going to be held accountable for every detail of our lives.

Here is an example of how media can lie and it took many years to understand this (please understand I’m not picking on this show but almost everyone has seen it and is familiar with it).  FRIENDS was a complete and total facade.  None of it could be real life.  6 friends spend all their time in one apartment all the time?  Everyone of them has sex but not one got an STD?  Everyone of them has sex and only Rachel got pregnant by ROSS, seriously? All six of them went on several vacations together?  Phoebe had invitro done and 3 eggs took so they had triplets (it’s a miracle when one egg takes)? If this show was in real life it would be a miracle cause that’s not the life I know being had by anyone I know.  There’s many more lies I could go into but I won’t; I’m sure you get the picture.  My biggest problem with this show was I just wanted friends like that who always had your back, always saw you, thought of you, took care of you.  Even some of my dearest friends have never been that selfless.  It has taken a long time for me to get over what I watched and longed for in the this show when I was in Middle School and High School.

Now, if I had guarded my heart and if I would have listened to my mother I wouldn’t have had a show to compare with my longings.  See I think I would still would have wanted friends like that but I wouldn’t see it every night for an hour wishing I was them.  I would then have had time to seek people out with like mindedness and started being part of the solution instead of the problem.

So, now we are here in the present day I’m a mother and my kids are very young what can we do for them so the world doesn’t clutch them at such a young age and hopefully never?   First thing, we need to do is pray that the things we can’t control God guards their hearts and minds for us.  We can not stop people for turning up their radios and whatever they are listening to we have to listen to too.  Or at other peoples house we really have no control over their TV.  So God can and will interfere there.  Secondly, we need to be the example of Christ to our kids, we are who they will mirror and if we do something they will think that we do it and we approve doing it.  Thirdly, we all need to take a serious look at what we listen to, what we watch, what we quote, what we read, and other people whom we hang out with often or not and ask God if this is really good for us or should we get rid of it.  If it turns out that you do need to purge your media life or a friend please remember that every time we follow in Christ’s footsteps we will be favored, we will get a reward, and he delights in our freely chosen righteous choices.

I hope you all have a restful weekend,


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