The Flock and the Lambs

I am interpreting John 21:15 this week….”Jesus asked Peter ‘Do you love me?’ Peter said to Him ‘Yes, Lord, you know that I love you’. Then Jesus replied ‘Feed my lambs.’ How simple, right?
So what is so important about this passage? I believe that this passage puts into perspective of how we should approach any and all dealings with children. Now I am aware, that some people interpret this to mean ‘Baby Christians’ and I’m not saying that they are wrong; it does mean that, but I also believe that it means actual children too. I hope we are all aware that the Bible is multifaceted and does not have just one meaning.
I also want to point out before we go into the deeper things that it is the parent’s job to feed their lambs too. They should be finding, searching, and praying about those teachable moments with their children and utilize them to the best of their abilities. Our job as parents is to show Christ everyday not just 2 hours on Sunday. Parents spend the most time with their children so please don’t put the Bible and all its wisdom on the back burner. Who knows your child might need it and statistically speaking yes they will.
But Peter he never married and he didn’t have children so why would he be given the responsibility of feeding lambs? I think the answer is two reasons: 1) Peter was part of the flock. This shows us that just because we personally do not have children that children should still be a part of our lives. We all should be feeding them because they need the most care. I am talking about every Christian, I know the excuses like “I don’t like kids” and “They whine” etc. but I have faith that there is one child out there who you could stand and grow to love. The greatest thing about that is you could be the confident of a child who can’t or doesn’t feel like going to their parents. It really does take a village to raise a child. So whether your an empty-nester, teenager, or just don’t feel like producing children I encourage you to find one you can feed. If you’re a mom be a part of your child’s friends, nieces, nephews, and cousins. We need to seek them out for God’s glory and so when they grow up they will give glory to God.
2) Peter represents the church. So this tells me that churches should be in strong conviction of getting children to those doors and impacting them. This should be high on their priority list because when Jesus and Peter had this conversation “Feed my lambs” came first. That is insightful since we all know that we worship a God of order and He through the Bible gives us the order; in this instance lambs come first. So churches should seek, delight, and bring them into enlightenment of His promise. Tobacco does so well because they hook people while they are young and vibrant, Christians should also get these kids hooked on seeking God while they are young to counteract what the world offers. Jesus said that to enter the Kingdom of God one must have the mind of a child, what better time to have a child mind then while they are a child. I can testify to this; when I was growing up I was at church before I could walk, then I was rebellious and turned away; I became worldly. Then, I came back but if I had never been I wouldn’t know what was waiting for me at church I would probably hold the world’s opinion that churches are big hypocrites.
Lastly, I don’t think it is a coincidence that Jesus is called the Sacrificial Lamb. I know that Jesus continually kept that child like mind with him all through his years. He never rebuked children but he did rebuke the disciples for hindering the children. We all should strive to act as Jesus did, it is the best choice, but everything I have ever written about is a choice. I’m not defining children as infants to elementary but high-schoolers and anyone who acts like a child. Parents are not able to do everything and we live in a society where parents are told you have to do it by yourself. That’s not God’s way, we should all step up and give children our best and not act like they are a bother because we want success in other areas. I dare say that if you ignore the present child generation you have no business complaining of what the future holds because the children really are the future and they are the easiest way to change the future if we can have an effect of how they think. So go and find a single mom, or the kids that get off the bus in your neighborhood, or at your church and start laying the foundation and becoming friends with the parents and children. Seek them out and you will be blessed, pray about who needs your help. I know that I wouldn’t be mean to someone who wanted to help so get courage and be a useable vessel for God!


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