Done With the Fear….

Fear runs rampant through a lot of people and I used to be one of them, until about two weeks ago when I was examining my life and my fears and concluded that most are irrational and useless. Then the fears that I decided were valid I am trying to work on ways to prepare for them. Fear is a negative emotion and is usually uncalled for. We are loved by our Heavenly Father who sent His Son to die for our fears. We pray and pray and pray and sometimes those prayers go unanswered and one reason maybe that God has already given us the ability to solve our problems IE: our fears.
Some fear is completely natural if you are being chased by a rabid dogs yes by all means run until you can escape, that is a healthy fear. This is known as the fight or flight response and is God given so that we have a fighting chance to survive against natural odds like beasts and nature. Unhealthy fear is thinking that rabid dogs are waiting for you to come outside your house to eat you. This fear will cause you to be way more cautious than necessary and probably will end up being a burden to your loved ones.
You are going to need discernment when dealing with your fears, because it might be hard to figure out what truly needs fear and what doesn’t. My Grandpa never wore his seat belt and his rationalization was that some people get caught in them and can’t get out of their cars and then they can die. My cousin was in a roll over crash and she was hung up on the seat belt and had hard time breathing plus she broke her neck and back her seatbelt was caught; she kept a pocket knife in her car and cut her seat belt so she could breathe. So my family wears their seat belts but I am prepared with my pocket knife to cut them and myself out if I ever needed to. This is discernment of fears I concluded seat belts do save lives but they can also malfunction so I am prepared if that happens with a pocket knife in my glove box
God does not want us to live in fear, he wants His people to be bold, courageous, fulfilled, cared for, and blessed. Not to be afraid. One fear I decided was irrational was to be afraid of my son’s other family. I have done my best to raise him, I married well, I let God guide me in what is the right way of disciplining him, I teach him and still there was a voice in the back of my head that said “He could be taken…” Truth is God said “No, he is yours Jamie”. I have to believe God, God will come into your fears if you allow him; when you are weak you are strong. God has coached me and He showed me what I’ve done right where I can improve and that me not being perfect is completely natural and my striving to be the best on fire Christian I can be is the goal. My goal isn’t to get back at them for making me feel afraid, them making me feel fear drove me to my Abba Father to say “You deal with them. I am laying them at your feet.” Which packs a bigger punch then anything legal or illegal I could do. These past few months I have been blessing them because that is what I am called to do and it has driven away all fear of them. This situation is so much in God’s hands that in the “If world” something did make my Bean go with them my God would protect him and comfort me to where I would not feel the need to worry. This kind of boldness comes from being in an intimate relationship with him; not just calling out in bad weather and illness this boldness takes everyday devotion and acknowledgement.
Now in this situation I am not unprepared for battle, I have a battle plan and have had this battle plan for years. I have statements, numbers, journals, court orders, and everything I can get my hands on to show that my Bean should stay where he is. If this day comes I am well prepared and hold a lot of leverage which I hope doesn’t sound boastful, but it is a fact. So this fear that has held me in bondage no longer has any merit to me anymore. It’s like going into a real battle you strategize you get your weapons you call in the experts, you plan ahead of time. Don’t let valid fears fester without some kind of game plan.
If you’re scared of the future of the dollar take steps to soften the blow. If you’re scared of disease take an immune booster. If you’re scared of being alone figure out red flags and what you actually want in a mate instead of trial and error. If you’re scared of death find Christ. If you’re scared of how your children will turn out read parenting books. If you’re scared find out what the Bible has to say on the subject, about you, about enemies, about life’s struggles.
I think the worst part of fear is that when we are afraid we are like deer in headlights paralyzed of what’s going to happen so we stop completely doing what’s right and we start doing all sorts of wrong things. We are scared of a child so we abort it. We are scared for the end of the world and we blow our savings. We are scared of sickness so we are always at the doctor. We are scared of being alone so we marry the first boy that asks. We are scared of being sober so we drink more. We are scared of what our friends will say so we don’t testify. We are scared of silence so we sleep with white noise. We are scared of our money situation so we settle at poor. Scared of success so we never venture past what’s comfortable.
Abba Father, we adore you and worship you truly. I pray each morning we will search for you Lord. We ask that you shed light on what we are afraid of and bring your honest discernment for our fears for each one of us to see if it is valid and which isn’t. Give us wisdom for our game plans to ready us in the future if our fears happen. Help us strengthen our relationship with you so in the day of trial we can be fully satisfied by your Spirit. We thank you for today and your unfailing love for us. Thank you for Jesus and all our blessings. In Jesus Name, Amen (so let it be in my life).

Blessings, Jamie*


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