Confessions of a Twenty Something

I hope this week you have found some joy in looking carefully at your expenses; but today I am going to confess more than I usually do. What I want to confess is my priorities have been out of whack for a few weeks; if I am going to be honest; I have not picked up my Bible in my free time, I haven’t been a prayer warrior, and I haven’t been reading to the Bean at night from the Bible among other things. I have been selfish with my time and haven’t been doing the things I know is pleasing to our Lord. I am sorry for this. Being a Christian is more than going to church on Sunday’s and it is more than having common ground with like minded people; it is a life style. I have said before that if one wants miracles they have to be in the presents of God constantly.
Joshua was Moses’ successor because of his needing to be in the presents of God. Moses would go into the temple and pray with Joshua, learning from him, and after Moses would leave; Joshua would stay behind lingering in awesomeness of our Lord. David would write while in the fields some of the Psalms we enjoy today and then he became a mighty king. Our Lord Jesus would hang around in the gardens late at night praying to God the Father constantly. We as people need to consult our Father on a regular basis, not just when it is convenient. My pastor has done a challenge that I have found interesting that he shared with us; for one year he got up early on Friday’s and went into a barn with a friend and they would spend an hour of that time listening to the Lord. Then, they would pray for the next hour and they did this for 52 weeks. I was touched at the time spent and the sacrifice he made to get closer to our Lord. I am disappointed in myself for not being the light I know I was made to be, but because Jesus died on the cross for me and my sins (yes, I believe that this is a sin) I do not have to live in condemnation because I have slacked off in my relationship with Christ and God.
What I need to do is repent and not just sorry but do a 180 degree turn and start again making Him apart of my everyday life. Jesus loves us and we all get distracted and distractions come from the devil to rob us of our time with our Lord. I have been reading a book and the author has described Satan as a python, which I find very appropriate. Pythons are huge creatures and they are killers. Also, instead of being venomous, they suffocate you slowly; just like Satan. Forgetting to pray and reading your Bible starts out slowly. First, you miss one day then a few more then, you’re reading once a week and then not at all. Same with prayer, first its one day then a few more and then your prayer life is nonexistent except when trouble brews. God doesn’t want us to just talk to him when our lives are going wrong but when things are going right. He wants that glory. Faith cannot grow when we are relying on ourselves to save ourselves. There is a fine line here that I think many people do not want to see.
When I first started going back to church it seemed overwhelming the amount of time it takes to read, pray, and worship daily, but that was something I wanted; that closeness. Now it’s been months and I have disrespected what it means to be Christ-like. We are not called to be like other Christians but we are called to be like Christ. I want changes to happen in my life and I know I cannot change anything without the Lords say so, neither can you. I also know that we go through the same challenges until we react how God wants us to react. God needs servants, he needs us to be broken, he needs us humble, and he needs us moldable. We have enough proud people in the world and I think I have told you before that I do suffer from being proud sometimes; so much so that some people have thought it awkward that I have tried to change this attitude and they think it is a façade. Self confidence should come from being in the image of God not because you are pretty or witty and I forget this. I am exactly how God wants me, he died for me in my worst state, not my best; if he died for my best state then there could be no salvation because that is my best; I cannot be the best all the time. I like you have a dark side. But through prayer and studying the Word you let the Holy Spirit in to change you from the inside out. There is no higher opinion than God’s; not your spouse, children, parents, and grandparents.
It is about to be Thanksgiving and Christmas and regardless of how these Holidays came into our calendar, they are celebrated as Christian holidays, so let’s give God the gift of our time, give your children the gift of time, your parents the gift of time. Time is our gold on this Earth, we will only be this young for 365 days; don’t squander good eye sight, wonderful hearing, strong muscles, and everything that comes with being this young, tomorrow you will be older. In ten years you will be different; but if you take the time today to linger in the presence of God what the next ten years hold could radically be changed by your habits today. I think people who quit bad habits are smart; smoking, drinking, drugs, sexual escapades are bad for your health but I think it is more important to focus on whom God is rather then who you are because God knows you more than you know you. Let him have your bad habits instead of using will power that only goes so far.
This is extremely hard for everyone living in the world where technology, TV, radio, and good times are to be used, watched and experienced. But to be a Christ-like Christian is to have your priorities straight; and it all starts with honoring God in your time. The morning is difficult for everybody, and my house doesn’t have central heat so it is cold in the morning and I loathe the cold but I am going to start waking earlier to spend time in prayer every day. My hope is that you will do this with me, through prayer and petition God will change things; (always remember we are just vessels, we have no power except through Jesus Christ). Let’s show God how thankful we are about His sacrifice of His only begotten Son, Jesus, during this time of year and not let the devil distract us with bells and whistles of the things that are seen. Let us do this for one month and see how God has changed us, our situations, and our trials. Please post in the comment section below of your testimony during these next 30 days. I look forward to reading them. This ends on December 7, 2014.

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