I’m Back…

The first blog of the New Year, 2015; what a roller coaster this past month and a half has been just crazy busy. If I was reasonable I should have posted that I would not be writing but I tried so hard to write amongst the chaos of planning 2 birthday parties, 3 Christmas’, and everything else that goes with the end of the year and I failed horribly; my face was in my palm every week I didn’t do as I had told myself I would. I can attest though that I have thought about you, my audience, every week if not more and I extend my sincerest apologies that I didn’t keep you in the loop of all the organized disarray that was my life these past weeks. Please forgive my complete and brash sense of lateness and I promise that instead of back burning you I will let you know if I cannot write for an unreasonable amount of time. Now just to let you know the birthdays and Christmas were wonderful and absolutely epic. I turned older but so did my daughter. Christmas was filled with Jesus, love, and family who could ask for anything more? I am one blessed wife, mother, and daughter; my family just deserves the biggest shout out YALL ROCK MY SOCKS OFF!
Now to the ultimate purpose of my blog to talk about the Lord. It is January 20th, 2015 and I have to ask have you kept your resolution? Have you forgotten what your resolution was? Did you even make a resolution? I have never been tied to self improvement to just one time a year; I think self improvement is a daily thing. I resolve everyday to try my 100% and I have a theory that your best today is not going to be your best exactly tomorrow. The best way to describe this is, today you’re healthy and in a week you have a cold; while you have your cold your best isn’t going to be exactly like it was when you were healthy. You are sick so maybe you call into work unlike if you were healthy; but you still help your kids out all day so it is your 100%. This personal 100% is on a relative scale.
I have also wrestled with self improvement and self acceptance. Where is the line of improvement and acceptance? I think everyone can improve on anything they bring to God and truly want to change. Unfortunately there are some things I believe that improving on that is not worth the time. Me I want to improve my piano playing, gardening, knitting, and a plethora of other things. I have self acceptance that my neat and tidy is not going to be my sister’s definition of neat and tidy. To me spending large amounts of time organizing closets and front facing canned goods isn’t my life. You could give me a huge house fully furnished and I will still leave sheet music on the dining room table, my shovel on the porch, my knitting needles in the living room; and all at the same time. It is better for me to accept that my house appearance is not my first priority and I am comfortable with that then to try and be Better Homes and Garden girl and be miserable. ( For the record I do have a cleaning routine that is working very well because I do understand the importance of orderly living but I refuse for that to consume my whole day. I take about 10 minutes in every room that is devoted to putting things in their place but that is it. That is as far as I will improve on that feat at least for now.)
What does this have to do with Jesus Jamie? I am sure you are thinking. Well Jesus is the only thing that can change our lives. Jesus organized my house a few months ago when I was desperate had no idea where to put anything anymore. He was there and I promise my house improved and stayed that way. But better yet why don’t we try this year and ask Him where He wants us to improve on? It is quite likely that we maybe are focusing on things that will have no relevance to us in the future and improving on them would be a waste of time. I have so much planned this year and on New Year’s Eve we went around the room and said what we wanted to change but after a few days later I realized that mine were great goals, full as aspiration and work on my part but my resolution needed to be spending more time in my Bible. My Kings James Version will not leave my bathroom for a whole year. Just a quick tip if you want to get some reading done that is the best room because it locks and no one will dispute you lol. I have finished and started many books there.
The great thing about our Lord is he is available anytime, maybe you are reading this and think it is so silly but in 3 months something shines on you and you want to learn more about being a Christian isn’t it wonderful that you can at anytime, not just January 1st. Jesus also accepts you just as you are right now; Jesus loves me regardless of how my house looks He even told Martha to calm down with her preparations when He came to visit them while she was angry at Mary for sitting and listening to Jesus. Last Jesus is there when we want to improve. He is there right in the muck of improvement. Improvement is hard. One thing I am doing is just going to bed at 11:30pm every night that’s it. It is so hard to turn the TV off, be showered, to stop planning my next day and go to bed at 11:30, but Jesus is there encouraging me that it will be worth it. That rest is good and is better at night healthier at night.
Don’t get caught up in June that you need to wait until January. Don’t feel that if you cheated on your meal plan or pushed the snooze instead of went running that you can’t go on. Jesus is all about grace. It is He who said the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. If you miss a month and a half of blogging don’t be embarrassed and never blog again. Get past the perfect mentality and be a fluctuating imperfect. If we were hung on a cross it would save no one but grace for you who knows the perfect lamb that already saved you.
Heavenly Father, Thank you for this New Year and thank you for all who read this blog. Thank you for your perfect grace for imperfect people. Thank you for your forgiveness of all our sins committed and the ones we have yet committed. Thank you that we can stand on the promise that regardless of how friendless we are you are there cheering us on and that you have our best in mind even when we are such miserable failures in the eyes of our peers. Father help us to be ever mindful of the needs of others and give us your love to spread to the masses. Bless us in all our endeavors, In Jesus Name Amen.


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