Friend to the Friendless

Hello again I hope your week is treating you well. If not do not despair, I am sure the tide of blessings will follow your storm. I have played with a few ideas in my mind about what to write about this week and I haven’t wrote anything to full blossom yet so I am starting from scratch again. I wanted to write about how I am imperfect I am and how that is how we are wired after the fall of Adam and Eve. Also how being perfect is something we should quit striving to be. I also toyed with how we are desensitized to our sins the longer we live. Children are bad liars and they tone that muscle as they grow up. I guess that is why Jesus said we needed to be like little children who get so hurt when they do something wrong and possess true contriteness. I think we lose that if we are not careful. These are wonderful subjects to address but neither seems right for today. So…
I am an extrovert who has in one way or another lost a lot of friends and family. Either through growing apart, death, or the worst disagreements; friends are still important though. Having a support group of people on your side is irreplaceable. I remember thinking when I was younger that my friends would never leave me or put me in the way of harm. Now I was pretty correct nothing terribly bad happened to me not like some of the evil you hear about these days. I was blessed in that fact, the thing I got wrong was that most of them are not present today. I wish I had a plethora of people who I can count on regardless of time and their routines. The thing though I see becoming more and more prevalent is that people are distant; they are on their phones, their immediate family, and the to-do list is more important, they are just busy.
I am not ragging on people being busy; I am a queen of being busy with all sorts of challenges that are present but we as a population need to get back to being able to become friends again. A cord of 3 strands is not easily broken as a cord of 1 strand. I see so many people who have no friends, or those who have 100s of “friends” for a party, but no one in an unfortunate situation. We have become so wrapped up in our own lives that we have forgotten that everyone is in a war whether they are conscience of it or not. That war is a spiritual war and it doesn’t just affect Christians but everyone on this planet. A war that is apparent to me through the trials that come into my life with just my existence.
To get through this life with joy we need Jesus; that is the first step to truly understand what heavenly joy is. Then we need a community of people who will take time out of their life and visit yours. I have few people in my life that will just be with me. I am one of those people, who the desire to be the hostess is inside of me; and sometimes it feels like I am a hostess with no guests. I am not complaining; but I also know that I am not the only one who feels this way. We need to be interested in people, with technology ever changing and becoming more acceptable we are losing communication skills, empathy, and being interesting. When I am hanging out with people I see that I am hanging out with that person and that person usually is at some point on their phone and sometimes on it through the whole visit. I must confess I have been without a cell phone for almost 2 years; I have loved it 90% of the time.
It is hard to make friends but it is easy to be friendly; I have done things differently this past year so I could meet new people and few have actually been friendly. What I mean by that is it took a long time for my presence to even be noticed or acknowledged. I think that right there is a call of help to the world. In my own head I think I am easily approachable and yet people are so consumed by what they want to do that they do not notice new people. I am guilty of this because I didn’t approach anybody either. I have a bad habit of wanting to be the approached not the one doing the approaching; and that is wrong. We all need to be approached and approaching people. It can be uncomfortable, but the more I study the Bible the more I find that very few things about being a Christian is comfortable; a true Christian lifestyle is very time consuming, people oriented, and fulfilling and it is worth it.
My dare this week is find a new way to be friendly. Maybe put your cell phone away while out in public and see the surroundings and people. At the office talk to the guy no one really likes. At a group meeting bring cookies and strike up conversation. Get out there and talk to a stranger. Just do something different, get uncomfortable! The worst thing that can happen is rejection, and the best thing is a new-found friendship at least for a season. Good Luck People. Please post your experiences in the comment section above by the title. God Bless, Jamie*


2 thoughts on “Friend to the Friendless

  1. Love the Ecclesiastes reference. It is so true. We are called to community by our Lord, for teaching, fellowship and accountability, of which I need all three!


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