Waiting on the World to Change

I am a Christian woman who sins and gets forgiven. I recently apologized to my husband for not saving myself before marriage. That was a mistake, which I am forgiven for by my husband and my Heavenly Father. So much so that my Heavenly Father doesn’t even remember that I have had sex outside of my marriage. How that is I am not quite sure because I had a child out of wedlock. But He does the Bible promises that if we are sorry He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins. I know what the Bible says about homosexuality. I also know what God’s Son Jesus said that the greatest commandment is to love God above all else and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Neighbor being defined as any human; did you catch that? Any human. I have heard stories where gay couples attended churches and were asked to leave. I have seen Christian marriages be broken with divorce. I have seen Christians paired up with unbelievers and they stick it out (what a miracle.) God is bigger than this issue; and he is bigger than any court here on Earth. He will make our crooked paths straight. Does America need to repent, like all sinners we do need to repent but we have needed to repent way before yesterday. Our sins didn’t start with the legalization of gay marriage and I hate to say it our sins won’t stop their either. There is a lot of celebration going on right now. There is also a lot of resistance going on too. But I exhort you as believers of Jesus’ to remember that quoting scripture of the Bible isn’t required to witness about sin. You can use your testimony of how God saved you right where you were. Whatever sin was your pleasure. I still have ongoing testimonies; places where God has only touched a little because I am hesitant to let Him go there. There are other areas where I have let God in and He has full control. He is not done with me and I have been a Christian my whole life. God isn’t done with the elderly; if you’re breathing you still have a purpose that is another promise of God. We need to love our neighbors because we want to pull them into God’s love; not push them away because God still has a purpose and plan for them. Jesus hung out with sinners. Church isn’t a club, clique, or resort it is a living breathing organism that is supposed to be led by the Holy Spirit. Over these next few days, weeks, and years be careful of your words and actions; and if you have found yourself not loving your neighbor ask for forgiveness and try to be more loving. We are God’s hands and feet and Jesus wouldn’t be unloving even with the truth.
May you be blessed.
God asked us not to judge. Let’s respect that while dealing with the changing world we live in.
He also didn’t give us a spirit of fear; but of peace.

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