1983 to 2015

Check this out…..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz29BsTNL9g

Every time there is an alter call….I know I am saved……but I feel so convicted to say I’m sorry I say it anyways. There’s nothing wrong with saying it again, there is something wrong when your not convicted.  There needs to be recognition that we are imperfect; and our good deeds are dirty rags.  We cannot save ourselves, and we cannot uphold the law.  Even small sin God cannot look upon.  Our lies are big, our murders are big, our lustful hearts are big, our gossips are big, our pride is big, our idle worship is big.  SIN IS BIG, God has no balance for sin except Jesus.  Your white lie is sinful and being a harlot is a sin.  Be careful and get renewed.  No one can carry you through the pearly gates and you can’t blame your parents, spouse, kids, environment, lack of knowledge or anything thing else for your sin when you meet God on that glorious day.


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