Improper Words and What I Think About It.

I would rather….hear the f word then the Lord’s name taken in vain.  (Stay with me).  My son went to camp this past summer and he came home with the OMG (saying the actual words when something surprising happens) habit.  I am unimpressed.  What is so interesting about this is we worked on this before and again it is showing its ugly head.  It seemed like a uphill battle these past few months until our church touched base on the first four commandments this past Sunday.  I am not encouraging cursing of any sort and most certainly I don’t want my son saying the F word (which he doesn’t) but this current set up does not make sense to me.

We as a society have determined what words are polite company and which words are improper.  Somewhere down the line of time we have accepted OMG, TGIF, G, J, and others as fine (using the letters and the actual words in everyday speech) and the F word as to much for anyone to say (with that unsaid agreement unraveling as well).

Take Hollywood, when they show an R rated movie on TV they bleep out the God part in a BAD WORD.  I have seen it and have had it pointed out to me.  Now the argument is that God is the bad part; but I have come to a different conclusion; that somehow God has intervened because it was his commandment.  He said in Exodus 20:7 “You shall not use or repeat the name of  the Lord your God in vain [that is lightly or frivolously, in false affirmations or profanity]; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain” (AMP).  So I commend someone for this “Hollywood” rule displayed on TV (the original form of the word is still in the original movies).  Even if it does seem irrelevant to a degree.

As far as other cursing goes, it hurts my heart when I am in a public place and there is people who are dropping less then polite speech as carelessly as a dog poops.  I have repented if I ever acted like that while other people were just trying to get to A to B.  It is unfair, that people act that way; few if anyone can simply stay home forever.  We are just trying to raise kids who know better or just need some milk and there seems to be so much influence towards cursing in music, conversations, arguments, and jokes ect.

It is all about being conscience of what is coming out of our hearts.  Out of the mouth the heart speaks (Matt 12:34).  We need a refreshment of the Spirit to clean up our speech.  Pray for us as my son goes through the process of getting those words out of his vocabulary.

I understand that all cursing is a sin.  Yes a sin.  My point is even though all cursing is a sin, lets keep God out it and cross that cursing bridge when one comes/is convicted of it for them self.

I hope you understand what I am trying to say.  There are a lot of verses that say cursing is wrong.  I feel that where we live in time that we are bombarded with unpleasant words from everywhere and it is wrong.  I think (I could be wrong) that in our histories past even though there was always cursing to some degree at least they just cursed and it wasn’t every time you walked out the front door.  From my experience; we curse and throw God into the mix of it without anyone blinking an eye or a gasp of surprise.  Or you have Christians who seem desensitized from the careless use of our Lord’s name.  I confess I did say the Lord’s name in vain today.  I was putting laundry out on the line and my youngest is under the weather and as I was fighting with this sheet she started yelling “Mommy!” from inside the house and G just slipped.  (prior to this accident I considered myself one of those who didn’t do that) Now I know that I too need the Holy Spirit to cleanse my mouth and continue to make me complete in His image.

Our society needs to be refreshed.  We are living in dirt constantly.  Even if it isn’t in your household when you walk from A to B you see it; regardless of who you are you have seen it.  It is so sad; there was a commercial on sometime this year and a man asked a lady how many 10 commandments has she broken in the past month; her quick answer was 7.  He busted out laughing and said “Which ones didn’t she do?  I have to tell you it is easy to break 7 in a day (especially on Sunday).  I don’t want to be one who only talks about the law.  Know that you are under grace and if you need to repent of your language then simply do so and pray over your tongue to keep you from sinning.  But I also don’t want to be the one who pretends that the law isn’t good, because it is.  Or be the one who pretends that the law doesn’t matter because it does.  We are suppose to grow in faith, love, peace, hope, and joy; the only way that happens is if you let the transformation happen.  That transformation is the Holy Spirit helping, convicting, and counseling you to be holy.  We are called to be holy and perfect because He (Jesus) is holy and perfect.


2 thoughts on “Improper Words and What I Think About It.

  1. Allow no cursing in the house by the children, period without (consequences). Children hear stuff and must learn to discern what is appropriate language. Your sense of appropriatiness is intact. Help them in there struggle.


    • Thank you for your support. I have seen parents whom think it is funny to hear their toddler curse and it is appalling that the discernment is severely lacking on their part. The only thing that can change a demoralizing society is Christ. Christ is such a gentleman that when asked to leave He does. He never imposes Himself where He is clearly not wanted. I pray that people will want Him again. I fear if we as a whole choose to stick to on this “new age” path we will reap the consequences. That is why I try to take such care that there is open communication in my home with my children. I explain when I know an answer and I research what I am unsure of. As far as his OMG habit, I came across a discussion on 90.9 talking about the 10 commandments. When they came to taking the Lord’s name in vain they suggested (as I was already doing) to remind the person when they slipped. He said the person would probably become irritated (as my son does) but, to understand and explain how much more is God irritated with your behavior and the lack of respect for Him when you use His name commonly. I haven’t had this discussion as of yet; I have a sick youngest still, but I look forward to having this discussion soon. Thank you for reading! Jamie*


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