The Plauge of Marks

I am something today.  Overjoyed and bogged down all at once and somewhere in that massive mess there is glory.  I am laughing and about to cry in an unfamiliar way; I kind of like it.
Here is what has happened.  A few weeks ago I finally had the garage sell, sold the cloths that I could, called a friend and giving her gender specific cloths, and donating the rest in an hour.  This HAD to be done because I am having a party at my house for my youngest soon and couldn’t put it off any longer since it was such a big project.

Getting rid of the garage sell stuff motivated me to put more effort into cleaning away the marks on my walls from my 2 little artists.  There are marks on every wall in my house, with very little exaggeration there.  Some are big are some are small, but they are there.  At one time, I tried to keep up with it but when the Pumpkin took mascara to her room and colored all over her room with it, I basically gave up.  But I want this party at my house and I want to not be embarrassed, so I thought I could at least try to get rid of these mark plagues.

I have been working on it all week, and today as I came into the living room with my 3 sheets of disinfecting wipes (they work on most) I thought logically which marks should I get rid of first.  I chose the wall that you first see when you walk in the front door and started scrubbing.  As I scrubbed I saw the permanent marker stains and I didn’t try to clean those because it wouldn’t come off with what I was using.  As I scrubbed the pen, regular marker, and the crayon off the walls; using appropriate pressure; it dawned on me this wonderful fact about sin.  This is exactly what Jesus does to us continually throughout our lives.  First, He works on what should be addressed right a way.  He doesn’t, in my experience work on everything all at once there seems to be a pace, that’s our relationship; if yours if different that’s OK.  This makes the most sense for my life because I have many issues.  To many to rid at one time.

Then, as I saw that different pressure was needed for different kinds of writing it occurred to me that Jesus uses different pressure for our sins.  Also, there were stains that were like a dot, they weren’t noticeable when you just glanced at this work of art but they were still there.  That is the sin we aren’t aware of.  AND JESUS SEES THEM AND CLEANS THEM UP TOO.  So I finish my 3 sheets because if I tried to finish it all at one time it would take all my time, and I go to the front door and look at what I accomplished and it didn’t even look like I made a dent.  I cleaned about half of it up and if you walked in to my house right now it would still look awful.  That’s how the world and Satan sees us, we try to be good and follow God’s leading and commandments but because we are human and we fail constantly there are always “marks” on our house heart that they see and they judge us based on that.  They don’t see what progress we have made because it is no longer there to see; like the marks I wiped away.

Then you have the permanent marker stains; to get rid of I will need to get some Magic Erasers for those, but today they seem like what they are called, permanent.  That’s those HUGE sins you’ve done, the ones few people if any know about that gives you such shame and regret. It seems sometimes, even if you have asked for forgiveness it lingers in our minds.  We don’t have a sea of forgetfulness here on earth to banish it to.  So it can sit there always hurting, always black.  BUT Jesus is the magic eraser or the paint to make it white as snow again.

Then, there was the different cleaning supplies I used.  Jesus and the Holy Spirit know us so much better then we know ourselves.  They will use what works and there is no trail and error with them.  If it takes “nail polish remover” or “Magic Eraser”  that’s what they will use.  They wont stumble around trying to find the thing that will work.  Our problem is that sometimes (most of the time) we don’t like their methods so we just live with the problem instead of letting go of our pride and doing it His way.

Last, I noticed a change in my hands (one should wear gloves), but it meant to me that Jesus isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty.  He was a carpenter.  He got splinters, cuts, and dirt under his nails;  maybe some sort of varnish on him.  He wasn’t to proud, he was intelligent and still knew a trade.  He had a bloody, dirty death.  He cleans it all up even though He is the Lord of Lords.  The easy stuff (if any of it is easy), the stuff we don’t realize, the stuff that’s harder, and the permanent it all goes by His blood.  I am so thankful that Jesus came to clean my heart house and for this wonderful analogy.

(Then know, that no one will notice.  I get disappointed when no one hands out gold starts for my efforts.  But why do we need gold stars?  All I did was what I was suppose to do, clean the house.  When we have overcome a certain sin all we did was what we were suppose to.  Glory to God because he saw my hard work even though I had to point it out to my husband.)

Be blessed this week.



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