My Fall Garden Experience


Spring is here in Texas….

I planted a fall garden in the late month of August last year using a old sandbox. Much joy was produced from the learning and the eating!

  • I learned things about growing that otherwise, would have eluded me. For instance how much time goes into preparing a garden. Hours! For a little garden like mine. Where to put things? What will we eat? Spacing? My mantra to my darling husband was “I am just making this up as I go.” when asked about it.
  • Then–the waiting. We waited 2 weeks for sprouts to show themselves. Watering without seeing results grows faith in ways you cannot understand, until you do it. I remember the day I first saw little leaves. Excitedly pulling my family from their personal ambitions to see that my veg was growing!
  • Picking out the weeds, by the end, weeds were not a problem. But in the beginning it was work. Everyday dirty work.
  • Watering twice a day. Children asking twice a day to play in the water. Wet cloths and dirty fingers scampering back into the house while I turned the water off.
  • Enjoyment from seeing what vegetables actually look like while growing. The leaf colors and stalks. I figure, very few people these days know that beet leaves are red. Or how crowded lettuce makes them grow more up than round. I found out first hand.
  • Harvest. We harvested radishes early, they were done in November. The carrots were harvested a month ago and were yummy in a stew. The broccoli took the longest, last month they were ready but not eaten because they turned into the prettiest yellow flowers. The bees have really enjoyed them.

I thought I knew a lot when I said “It is time to get the garden started.” back in August of 2015. By the time the last seed was tucked into the ground, I knew I was the biggest greenhorn. Even with extensive book reading and plant research and carefully picked places for my veg. it was still wrong. My broccoli ended up being 3 ft tall shading the lettuce from the sun!

As much as I didn’t know and still have yet to learn I will try again, placing each seed carefully again this spring.

I learned most of all about God. Patience. Daily care. Enjoyment. Nourishment. Self acceptance. Light. Pruning. To name a few. Our personal walks are like gardens and God is the gardener. Embrace that the hard work isn’t up to us. All we need to do is be willing to be watered, pruned, stay in the light, and accept that we are His children.

(Photo Credit to Ofer El-Hashahar off Flickr)



2 thoughts on “My Fall Garden Experience

  1. Ahh, yes… the garden. I am encouraged, actually, to go bigger this year than last year. I see you like raised beds. I need to give that a try. Our kids loved sugar snap peas last year. Ate them off the vine. I didn’t have to harvest those at all, hardly.
    There is something about God and the garden. Patience, I think it is for me. The patience of God. The ability to trust the nature of the seed, but even more than that, the nature of the creator who made the seed. I just have to be faithful to put it in the ground. Sometimes God waters, sometimes me. Together we watch. He teaches me to tie up the vines so the plant can grow larger and stronger… Now if I can only learn to trust him with such patience in watching my kids grow in Him…
    Thanks for the encouragement.
    Dave 🙂


    • Your words were so refreshing and made me remember a time when the broccoli started showing up in little clusters, my pumpkin started eating it right off the stalk…so I guess we did harvest a little. How fearless she is. I relate with you on patience to let my children pursue their own walk with the Lord. Trying to be an example and failing, sometimes hourly. Yes being faithful to put it in the ground….so many (myself included) fail to do that seemingly simple step. My mantra—there is grace for that……thank you for your encouragement! Jamie

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