Oil Pulling, A Healthier Choice


(Alex Juel-Flickr)

My tooth situation has given me a lot to think about over the past few days. I have pondered what could I have done differently. I am no dentist but there is article after article about carbonated beverages and how they are bad for your health. A certain beverage has my fancy and I over indulge everyday.


I am giving up Dr. Pepper for 31 days. On top of that I am not touching any carbonated beverages of any kind for 31 days either. Now a wise woman once told me that in order to give up something negative, properly, you need to replace it with something positive. So I am replacing my Dr. Pepper habit with a new oil pulling habit. If you have never heard of it, be sure to check it out.


I am replacing Dr. Pepper with oil pulling, because of the healing benefits for my mouth. I have spent many moments these past few days looking at my teeth and I know I can do better. So to boost my mouth health I am going to give it 31 days of attention. The pain alone is motivation enough to give it up those drinks and start oil pulling. A $10 bottle of organic coconut oil is cheaper than my up and coming root canal which will cost about $700 to $800, with insurance.


I am going to take notes on my journey for the next 31 days and give a brief overview weekly about how I am feeling and if oil pulling is helping me at all. My challenge starts at 4pm today; I want one more half- priced unhealthy drink before I begin. I will go ahead with the root canal but I have already started the oil pulling and I have pumped it up by 2 or 3 times a day depending on where I am and what I am doing. 4 days ago the pain was unbearable I mean AWFUL, HORRIBLE; gnashing of teeth in hell bad! For 2 days I have oiled pulled and I woke up this morning at 7:30am and I have not taken my pain medication for it. Funny enough, my children had dentist appointments today and I have only had minor irritation from mine. Nothing like it was.


Quick Update it is 5:00pm and still no pain!


7 thoughts on “Oil Pulling, A Healthier Choice

  1. I’m truly inspired by your experience! I’ve heard a lot about oil pulling and must adit that I was rather skeptical, but I don’t have the best dental situation either, so I would be willing to give it a try… I’m curious to hear about your final assessment after the 31 day trial.


    • Today I am having minor pain…after the pulling a few minutes ago, but nothing like it was a few days ago…the insurance is giving me the run around. I have heard a lot of claims and I am excited about the journey. I will keep you posted! We got nothing to lose!


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