Lemons Or Lemonade?

Yesterday was a gloomy day. The pouring rain was fitting my temperament. After examination, I concluded that my lemony attitude was because my business was sitting still, my mouth depressed me, and I missed drinking Dr. Pepper.

I am chipper and content today. Emotions amaze me, one day you have the blues and the next day you feel you have it all together.

I didn’t wake up feeling happier by chance though, I did something about it. I took time yesterday to uncover why I was feeling blue. Uncovering what is causing your emotions is the first step in doing something about how your feeling.

I took action about what I had discovered.

I started making cold-calls and promoting myself as a copy writer. A scary undertaking but I did it! I am proud of myself for going out on a limb and feeling vulnerable. I danced around after hearing back from a potential client. I dislike self promotion, but if you don’t toot your own horn no one else will. I quit waiting and jumped right into the shark tank.

Missing Dr. Pepper can’t be fixed, only accepted. My teeth need a break from the disastrous effects. There are headaches and nostalgia, a hurdle that will be over soon. I have joy because I am sticking to it. Small goals boost our self esteem in ways nothing else can. The act of completing anything, regardless of how small is worth it.

Last, I have overcome the difficulties from my insurance and my dentist. It was almost traumatic getting those two to understand each other. It is over and we can get to the dirty business of my root canal. It is a week away, how exciting.

You can eat a lemon or make lemonade; the choice is ultimately yours.


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