I was first introduced to this word in the 6th grade as part of a youth group challenge. I asked a girl whom I didn’t know to be my accountability partner. The premise was to pray for each other for 5 minutes a day and talk to each other weekly about the temptations we were facing. A great way to take the stigma out of sin while cultivating a relationship that went past the surface and into the deep parts of a person.

I wish this was something that was stressed more as I grew up. I wish that I had a mentor for really learning how to be held accountable from someone who really understood the Word of God. I want an old lady friend. The bible says that 2 are better than 1. And a cord of three is strongest. I don’t have anyone to keep me accountable in a real way, except myself.

Being your own partner is hard. I am not really alone, I am married. But with my own personal goals my husband does give me slack. To much slack. So if I want something I have to remember and keep to the path myself. I think it should be easier and maybe for some it is, but me, I am flighty and like to run down bunny trails just for the pleasure of it.

As I write this though, I know that what I said is a lie. We are never ‘alone’. We have a Heavenly Father who does hold us accountable. He is mighty and fierce but more importantly loving and gentle. I guess my next spiritual goal to work on is calling on Him to tell me when I am losing course. Who would be better to ask then the Knower of All?

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4 thoughts on “Accountablity

  1. I once heard a guy talk about guys who look at porn and how they don’t believe God is omnipresent. If they did, they wouldn’t look at porn. Or something like that. Anyway, I try to remember God is with me. Even in the struggles of life, he is always there.

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