Week One Of Oil Pulling

I have learned about myself this past week. I can use self control.

I did not cheat thus far with secret Dr. Peppers. I am proud of that. I am riddled with acne and have not found a reputable source of caffeine that I can tolerate. But—I made it. The headaches are mostly gone and I am not dehydrated anymore. My joints in my knees feel better. I also ‘pop’ less, which is a good sign. A+++++++++++.

The oil pulling was successful-ish. I give myself a C+. I completed 4 out of 7 days. The days I did not do it were excuses and ill planning. One day I woke up late. Another day I really didn’t want to stick oil in my mouth. The last day, I was busy with appointments for the children. I will try to do at least 5 days this week.

Even with missing half a week there are noticeable changes. My teeth are whiter. They feel cleaner. The muscles in my face are getting a workout, which is good for my looming turkey neck. Plus, my tooth with the cavity feels almost the same as my other front tooth when I tap it. This is important because the dentist two weeks ago tapped my healthy tooth, then tapped my hurt tooth and the pain was excruciating then. Now it just feels different, but no pain.

Success because of dramatic changes and it has only been one week! Overall my take away is a B+ for me!

I go to the dentist again on Wednesday. I will know then what the next steps are after that. I may have saved myself some money!

I am so thankful for everyone who reads this. If there is anyway to make it better do not hesitate to ask!


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