Good Friday.

It is early Friday morning, Good Friday. I worked hard this week. Preparing in the right way, to start a journey that is thousands of miles long.

But I can’t stop thinking that Jesus will not drink the fruit of the vines until Kingdom come.

What does that mean? Why did He say that? Is it restriction, like I think of it?

At Passover Jesus and his disciples took communion and Jesus renounced drinking wine until He returned. This has to be massive hope. I can think of no other adjective to describe it. Something He gave to us to do in remembrance of Him.

My second thought is what will happen when He partakes of it again? In my mind it will be glorious. (But what will NOT be glorious?)

People mostly drink wine as a salute. Celebration. Remembrance.

I am utterly confounded. What is accomplished because He will not take part in it? What does that give us? Does it give us anything?

Today think about about His coming into Israel. Into blessed Israel. The Promised Land. Jesus could not give into the people’s earthly desires. He had to say NO. What that NO meant for us. Eternal Life. Had He said yes to their desires…..Where would we be?

(I know my timing is late, and what today is about. A powerful day the veil ripped and a new covenant was formed. I am not saying I am not awed by that or understand it. But those words Jesus said at Passover have stuck with me. I have trouble pondering anything else.)


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