Honking Horns

Last year, I was anxious to get home because my husband needed to get to work. I came to the stop sign and there was a car in front of me and no one else. I waited. Waited a little more. Then I honked.

I started driving after the stop sign and the people who were at the stop sign came up behind my car and started honking frivolously. Honk. Honk. Honk. Honk. They sped up and laid on their horn HHHHOOOONNNKKKK; keeping speed with my car so we were side by side. I was beside myself about what to do. I kept driving. Eventually, they turned and it was over. But it left a mark on my driving habits.

I have used my horn since then but there is always a moral pull inside me. Is it right to use my horn this time?

That experience gave me something that in the beginning I thought was silly to dwell upon but I could not stop myself. I have come to my conclusion after a year and a half of thinking. Not all honkers are being rude. Not all honkers are being nice. You can honk and be wrong. You can honk and be right.

When I honk I am not trying to be rude it is just a nudge. My attitude is in the right place. Honking is not my go to if it takes you a second to see the light is green. I try to give grace on the road because I need grace on the road. Sometimes we need to be honked at. It is not purely rude. It can be necessary.

You see your friend slipping into a bad habit or situation, love should draw you to give a small “honk” about it. Not with condemnation but encouragement for better choices. Love gives consequences. We don’t want to hear that, but it is valuable. Someone’s “honking” can be a gentle nudge.

It ultimately belongs for the one being honked at to decide how they will take the honking. I try to take the things that are unpleasant and find truth. The truth is I need someone to tell me I am wrong. I need someone to uplift my actions so I desire to do better.

Actions do not get you to Heaven. Actions do not condemn you to hell. It is your faith or lack of faith in Jesus that determines your soul destination. But your repeated actions over time do have a lot to do with your quality of life that is passing right now.

If you work all the time, 60+ hours a week. You do that so you can call yourself a good provider. Someone may “honk” at you, saying that your kids need to see you and you need to see your kids. If you choose to never take a day off your relationship will be burdened no matter how much money you make. No matter what you provide. Your absence is their heart hole and yours. These first years never come back, you need to be warned about this truth.

We need to get back into believing the best in people. That people want to be true friends. Not suspicious. Not selfish. These negative characteristics are abounding in our western society but we are called by God to believe in humanity. Why should we believe in humanity? Because God called it good. He made man and said it was good. This is love. I am no longer afraid to honk my horn. To only honk out of love.

I just want you to have an open mind that if you are honked at it might not be as rude as you think while driving or in situations.


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