January My Favorite Month

Hello Again!

It has been some time since I have written for this blog. 2016 took off without me and for the last six months I have been trying to catch up. Such is life.

Finally, it is January. It is so fresh and new; thought I would give the highlights of last year and write down my goals for 2017.

Last year was full of surprises; some so epic it would make your jaw drop and others so devastating I could cry at my computer. I am only going to focus on the epic ones.

First, I started a new copywriting business, Write Bright Copy. I know this has been mentioned before but it was so amazing being CEO; that I want to say again. I had a pretty good year and I am looking forward to all that will happen in 2017!

We moved back to my hometown. Which is kinda cool. I love the house we are staying at. It comes with an office and lots of room to roam. We also have awesome neighbors. That is a great blessing. We are really growing on it and the house is growing on us. We still have some things to learn, but I think my family is up to the challenge.

I left some things behind in 2016. As we grow and learn it is important to understand we cannot take everything with us. If you are trying to carry it all eventually your soul gets burnt out. I do not want a burnt out soul, so I am starting anew this year with less weight on my heart than I ever had before.

I had the best birthday. I started my birthday week with no expectations and that made every tiny surprise that week much sweeter. While looking for Christmas decorations at my parent’s house we found a box full of my childhood things. I recovered my grandma’s cross necklace and belt buckle, my tiaras from Penny Princess (I wore it on my birthday), my cheerleading trophies (which I left in the attic), I found my Paw-Paw’s collectible coins and dollars.

I thought I lost all this stuff for the last 5 years and to find it was like finding the youngest me I am able to remember. 7 year old Jamie not lost anymore. What a joy!

I got two apologies needed from past hurts that week. Completely unexpected and even rarely thought about. But the fact that people I barely knew sought me out to say that they were wrong really gave me closure for old wounds. One offense was truly worse in comparison but it was just as heartfelt and made me smile. What a great ending!

Last, the actual day was awesome. I did everything that I wanted to do. Took a nap, shopped a bit, ate breakfast from my favorite place, didn’t cook, etc. It was low key, non dramatic, and peaceful. I was in bed by 10pm. That is how adults do it!

I always wanted a birthday that perfect. It only took 28 years to finally get it just right. (My birthday is in December so having an epic birthday is kinda hard to come by with everyone being busy with all the holidays.)

Now looking to the future….

What are my expectations for 2017?

  • Quitting Smoking
  • Not Drinking Alcohol For A Year
  • Making 3:30am My New Time To Wake Up (Right Now I Am At 4am)
  • Learning The Skilled Art Of Couponing
  • Income That Mirrors My Husband’s
  • Lots Of Writing (Still Deciding On The Details)
  • Lots Of Reading (Still Deciding On The Details)
  • Beginning Every Morning With Jesus (Why I Need To Be Up At 3:30)
  • Getting A Workout Regimen
  • Being In The Present
  • Being Selfish (Understanding True Priorities)

That last one seems like the opposite of what I should be doing, even unchristian. But I cannot take care of others until I am taken care of.

I am an extreme giver; I have literally given the shirt off of my back just because someone asked; I had two on at the time. I am usually the first to step up and say yes I will do this and that. This year I have to learn to say no and not feel guilty about it. In reality, I have two plate fulls of personal stuff in my own life to get done and taking on more would make the new task and all my other tasks suffer because there is only 24 hours in a day.

I am starting to figure this out because I have been up almost everyday this week before 5am and by 8pm I am still leaving things undone on my to-do list. Some people constantly avoid doing things for others, I happen to be the person that does too much. 2017 is about really understanding priorities for me.

With all that said I still signed up at church to do something for the families that bring in foster children; I volunteered to pray for one family. That is something I feel like I can do without it taking over my whole life. I am not trying to run away from being a giver. I am trying to be a better giver by taking a season (maybe a whole year season) to focus on the things I did not focus on last year and should have.

My hope and deepest desire for you is, while the year is still young is to sit down and write out what you want out of 2017. Doing that this morning has cleared my head I now have a target to shoot for instead of jumping on everything that crosses paths with me.

May the Lord bless and keep you everyday this year.

Merry 2017!

Jamie -The Most Imperfect Mom That Is Still Perfect


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