Free Love

Yesterday, I spent five hours scheduling posts for our Facebook page. I don’t have the time to take all the pictures I need so I found a site,, that allows you to download free, non copyrighted photos. As many as you want! That’s what I did. I downloaded a ton of pictures and put them with my posts.


It got me thinking about how God’s love is like free downloads. You can take as much of it as you want. I never felt guilty as I downloaded these pictures for our site. It’s free, non copyrighted pictures and maybe one day I can return the favor and buy them a coffee (as suggested).


A few years ago a friend of mine used a photo of some blueberries on her business website. She did not give attribution to the photo or had permission. She didn’t know she needed it. She had found the picture on Google, thought it looked nice, and used it. The artist found her picture on my friend’s site. She was angry and wanted to sue for copyright infringement. They started talking to the artist and she dropped the threats because they could prove they made no profit from the picture. They were asked to take it down and everyone parted ways with more wisdom for the future.


That is not God’s love. God’s love is free. You don’t have to make a special side note, you don’t have to jump through hoops. What happened to my friend was the world’s love. Conditional, with side notes, and could lead to huge trials over trivial matters.


Since I started couponing I have had to understand that reading the fine print is extremely important. If you don’t read the fine print you could be in a world of trouble 1) looking like an idiot 2) messes up your budget 3) you either put the product back or pay for the mistake. God’s love isn’t like that, you get it for free every time. You could be changed radically and start doing good deeds; but that’s just a suggestion.


You come as you are, like I did for the photos. Broke, in pjs, dirty hair, hot, kids arguing in the background, sick, tired, lonely, bitter, hurt, among everything else.


In the midst of our troubles we rest in God’s love. I could not tell you how these last few months of 2017 are going to go for my family. I have figured out what is the absolute worst that can happen and I have accepted it. I also have a plan on how to avoid that worst and started down the path of recovery. When the worries and the troubles bubble in my mind, I am constantly giving it to God. It’s no longer in my hands. That is one of the purposes of His love to give us peace that surpasses all understanding even when we want to spend the day bawling about our lot and burdens.


When you cry out for His love, He doesn’t say you skipped your Bible reading, you didn’t stop and jump that car for that stranger, you didn’t pray long enough, you haven’t been to church, you didn’t pray with your kids, you forgot to admire the color purple.


Because no matter how many wonderfully good things we do…….we can always do more. Instead of Bible reading for 30 minutes we could go for an hour. Instead of jumping that guys car, we could have bought the faulty part. Instead of praying for an hour, you could have gone for two. Instead of attending church, you could serve. Instead of just praying with your kids, you could memorize verses together. Instead of admiring the color purple, you could have set in the field and wept at the beauty of creation.


That is why it is not conditional. For we are never good enough to deserve it. But you can get it, all of it, any time of day, every minute of everyday for free for just being you and coming as you are.