About the Imperfect Perfect Mom

Mom’s Imperfect Perfection is a work in progress, like most people. The value in this site is the humor mixed with sweet as you follow me through my struggles as a parent, person, and business owner. I try to give to the world everyday in various forms, while staying sane.

I take those situations and turn them back to God, Jesus, or the Bible. Which in turn makes the bleak come into the light and sheds perspective into the world. Wish to see more hope on a consistent basis? Like our Facebook page.

This blog is for the ones who need encouragement and like a good story. I try to be uplifting. I am naturally an optimist and the world can use more sunshine.

This site met creation in late 2014. I was praying and feeling overwhelmed. I cried out that I wanted to write yet there was no time for me to pursue things for myself. I heard the Lord say start a blog. Within an hour I was typing my first post (Oh Low- In My Mega Mind Voice). I was 25 then. I have learned so much and have chosen to have the writers life.

My name is Jamie, I am a stay at home mom/entrepreneur or a home-preneur as I have coined it. I have broken into the world of marketing and copy-writing. This is very new for me and I have failed launching another business before. But Write Bright Copy is completely legal and has become a part of my city’s Chamber of Commerce and The Professional Writers Alliance. My website is being made. I am looking forward to this new career while enjoying the benefits of staying home with my children. I do not think I would have ever considered being a writer if this blog was not created. That is how awesome God truly is.

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